Terrene is a dashboard app, which clearly and accurately displays your current GPS speed, heading, course, altitude, time, and barometric pressure at a glance.

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iPhone OverlayiPhone HardwareDark-mode speedometer dial showing 0 km/h
Dial Gallery

Altimeter, barometer, compass, clock, and speedometer, with many more dials and features to come.

iPhone OverlayiPhone HardwareDark-mode altimeter dial showing 49 feet


Your current GPS altitude in feet and meters.

iPhone OverlayiPhone HardwareDark-mode barometer dial showing 1013 kPA


The atmospheric pressure around you, in hectopascals, kilopascals, inches of mercury or pounds per square inch.

iPhone OverlayiPhone HardwareDark-mode clock dial showing 0:53


Yep. It's a 12 hour analogue and 24 hour digital clock, in your current timezone.

iPhone OverlayiPhone HardwareDark-mode compass dial showing 184 degrees


Your current heading showing magnetic or true north.

iPhone OverlayiPhone HardwareCourse over Ground compass dial showing 321 degrees

Course over Ground

Your current GPS course, showing which direction your vehicle is moving.

iPhone OverlayiPhone HardwareDark-mode speedometer dial showing 0 km/h


Your current GPS speed in kilometers per hour, miles per hour, knots or meters per second.

iPhone OverlayiPhone HardwareWhite "idea" dial

Have a dial idea?

Hi! I'm Simon, the solo developer of Terrene. Let's chat on Twitter or Instagram.

Dial settings
New Dial IDEAs
Light and Dark modes

Crystal clear, day or night.

As the sun sets and rises, Terrene switches between dark and light modes. Terrene's dark mode, with its black background and muted markings, helps your eyes stay adjusted to the dark, while light mode has good contrast in bright daytime conditions.


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Terrene is available for download from the App Store.

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Some questions & some answers

Who do I contact if Terrene isn't working right?

If Terrene isn't working for you, please contact me on Twitter, Instagram or email and I'll be happy to help sort out what's going on and if required, develop a fix.

I'm typically available most weekdays (Melbourne, Australia time!) and will usually get back to you within 24 hours.