What changes have been made to Terrene?


Compass and barometer updates

→ Dashboards
   ▫ You can configure up to 5 dashboards with 2 dials each
   ▫ Make the dashboard full-screen, hiding the tab and status bars

→ Dial Gallery
   ▫ Preview all available dials, with more on the way
   ▫ Choose a dial, configure it, and add it to the dashboard
   ▫ You can also replace existing dials too

→ Settings
   ▫ Re-order and remove dashboards
  ▫ Set a preference to always use light or dark mode
  ▫ Links to the Terrene homepage, help and support websites

○ Increased the dial sizes a bit more
○ Changed the dark mode dials to have a completely black background to improve clarity


Compass and barometer updates

→ New Barometers for Kilopascals (kPa), Inches of mercury (in Hg), and Pounds per square inch (psi)
→ New Compass for true north
○ Increased the dial sizes and added more markers to improve clarity
○ Improved wording when requesting location access
!! Oops. Fixed the Speedometers for Knots and Meters per second to now have correct dial markers


Clock and a barometer

This update includes a 24-hour clock in your current timezone and a barometer measuring the atmospheric pressure in hectopascals.



Welcome Terrene!

To start with, I've added a Speedometer in km/h, MPH, Knots and m/s and a Compass.

This is the start of many instruments/gauges/tools/etc to be added to the Terrene toolbox.