What changes have been made to Terrene Dash?


Clock update

→ New feature - 12 or 24-Hour clock setting


Barometer fix

!! Oops! Fixed the Barometer which now requires Motion & Fitness authorisation


Spring clean

○ Updated Help & Support links
!! Oops! Fixed a bug where the Today trip meter wouldn’t reset at midnight if you hadn’t used the app in a while.


GPS Status

→ New feature - GPS Status
   ▫ See if the device is receiving data or not
   ▫ Shows the current accuracy
   ▫ Hides itself when the accuracy is good
○ Changed how the Battery Status looks
○ Minor change to how the Trip Meter looks


Trip Meter

→ New Trip Meter
   ▫ Added four resettable trip meters to the Speedometer
   ▫ The Today trip meter automatically resets after midnight
○ Barometer
   ▫ Added millimeters of mercury (mm Hg)
○ Rebuilt all dials
   ▫ All dials draw faster and use less resources
   ▫ The Clock dial uses 4 times less CPU
○ Code maintenance and cleanup work
   ▫ Changed the minimum required version to iOS 16


Terrene Dash!

→ We're now Terrene Dash!
   ▫ Also gave the app icon a nice update.
→ Battery level indicator
   ▫ While the phone is not plugged in, the current charge level is displayed
   ▫ Thanks again Maarten for this idea! Enjoy!
○ Changes to work better at night
   ▫ The dark-mode dashboard background is now pure black
   ▫ The home indicator bar disappears after a few seconds
○ Various code maintenance and cleanup work
   ▫ Changed the minimum required version to iOS 15


Compass clarity

○ Improved the compass clarity for North, East, South, and West. North now has a red marker.
   ▫ Thanks again Maarten for your suggestions! Enjoy!
!! Oops! Fixed a bug for iPhone 8 Plus devices, where the dashboard in landscape wasn't displaying correctly.


Course over Ground (COG)

→ Course Over Ground (COG)
   ▫ Using the GPS, this show the direction your vehicle is moving.
○ Each dial in the dial gallery now has a description


Landscape mode

→ Landscape mode
   ▫ Thanks Maarten! Enjoy
!!! Oops! Fixed a bug, so the compass now continues to work while swiping between dashboards


Altimeter and UI tweaks

→ New Altimeter dial, configurable in feet or meters
   ▫ This is a three-pointer altimeter, displaying 100, 1000 and 10000 feet or meters
○ Refreshed all dials with a larger main digital display, and slimmer background dial markings
○ Optimised dial code to use less device resources
!! Oops! Fixed a bug, where it would add instead of replace a dial, when there was only one dial on that dashboard


New icon, UI tweaks, and fixed the hour clock hand

→ New and improved app icon
○ Changed the UI from a tab bar to a tool bar.
   ▫ This is in preparation for other tool bar buttons in future updates.
○ Optimised the compass and clock dials to decrease CPU usage.
   ▫ This seems to help reduce the phone going into overheat protection mode (ie. display dimming) when it's hot outside and attached to your windscreen.
○ More colour tweaks in dark mode to make sure it's using pure black for OLED displays.
!! Fixed the Clock hand positions, to show the correct time during daylight savings. Fortunately, the digital clock was showing the correct time.


Compass and barometer updates

→ Dashboards
   ▫ You can configure up to 5 dashboards with 2 dials each
   ▫ Make the dashboard full-screen, hiding the tab and status bars

→ Dial Gallery
   ▫ Preview all available dials, with more on the way
   ▫ Choose a dial, configure it, and add it to the dashboard
   ▫ You can also replace existing dials too

→ Settings
   ▫ Re-order and remove dashboards
  ▫ Set a preference to always use light or dark mode
  ▫ Links to the Terrene homepage, help and support websites

○ Increased the dial sizes a bit more
○ Changed the dark mode dials to have a completely black background to improve clarity


Compass and barometer updates

→ New Barometers for Kilopascals (kPa), Inches of mercury (in Hg), and Pounds per square inch (psi)
→ New Compass for true north
○ Increased the dial sizes and added more markers to improve clarity
○ Improved wording when requesting location access
!! Oops. Fixed the Speedometers for Knots and Meters per second to now have correct dial markers


Clock and a barometer

This update includes a 24-hour clock in your current timezone and a barometer measuring the atmospheric pressure in hectopascals.



Welcome Terrene!

To start with, I've added a Speedometer in km/h, MPH, Knots and m/s and a Compass.

This is the start of many instruments/gauges/tools/etc to be added to the Terrene toolbox.